Julia Cole Shares Her Story Through Sign Language

Sep 18, 2019
Julia Cole incorporates sign language into her new video, "Trust You."

Ten Songs I Wish I’d Written, from This Year’s NSAI

Sep 18, 2019
At this year’s Nashville Songwriters Association International event, the organization handed out so many awards on Tuesday night (Sept. 17), it was almost hard to keep track. Did virtually everyone go home a winner? Did all the songs I love earn some love? Did very cool things happen on stage at the Ryman? Yes, yes,... Read more »

Seventeen Minutes of Garth Brooks and Kix Brooks Educating Us All

Sep 18, 2019
On a recent episode of Kix TV on YouTube, host Kix Brooks sat down for a casual conversation with Garth Brooks and it’s the best 17 minutes you will hear all day. Because these two have 58 years of experience making country music between them — Garth debuted in 1989 and Kix with Brooks &... Read more »

DCC Making the Team Ep. 7 Recap: Show Group, Makeovers and Cheryl Burke

Sep 18, 2019
A brand-new GIF recap for season 14, episode seven of DCC: Making the Team, where show group was announced and the girls were visited by Dancing with the Stars' Cheryl Burke.

Is Feel-Good Nostalgia the New Bro-Country?

Sep 18, 2019
As far as trends that come and go in country music, I’ll take nostalgia any day. And the more sentimental, the better. In fact, if I never hear a bro-country song about trucks, cut-offs and ’shine again, I’d be totally okay with that. So when Florida Georgia Line posted their new lyric video for their... Read more »